Some screening tests cause more discomfort than others. The alt indicates the test(s) with the least discomfort.


  • Medication given beforehand helps you feel sleepy and prevents pain.
  • May cause some pressure and cramping but sever pain is uncommon.
  • There may be some temporary bloating after the test.

altVirtual Colonoscopy

  • May cause some abdominal discomfort and bloating.
  • Severe pain is uncommon.

altFlexible Sigmoidoscopy

  • Causes crampy pain and a feeling of pressure.
  • There may be temporary bloating after the test.

altBarium Enema

  • Causes crampy pain and pressure in the stomach.
  • May cause temporary constipation after the test.


  • No discomfort.

altStool DNA Test

  • No discomfort.
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