More Info: Stool DNA

Important Facts About This Test

  • Stool DNA testing has a high level of accuracy for finding cancers and a medium level of accuracy for finding polyps. Some patients' tests may be false positive, leading to unnecessary colonoscopies.
  • If the results of this test are abnormal, you would need to have a colonoscopy.
  • There is no risk.
  • A stool DNA test needs to be done once every 2 to 5 years.
  • It is more costly than FOBT but now covered by Medicare and some insurers.

Getting Ready

  • The test requires no preparation.

During the Test

  • The test is done at home, using a collection bucket that fits under the toilet seat.
  • You do not have to handle the stool at any time.

After the Test 

  • When you finish the test, you place the container in a pre-addressed box and mail it to a laboratory.

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*Please refer to accompanying text for updated information on test accuracy and coverage.

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